Lip Balm

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Lips tend to get burned during treatment, whether by wind, sun or general dryness. The sensitivity makes it difficult to find products you can safely use. We have crafted a lip butter (while it may look like a balm due to no added colour and chemicals) that contains essential oils and butters, rich in anti-oxidants, which safely keeps your lips soft. You may notice a slight chamomile fragrance after application, but nothing too pungent.

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The blended butters, oils, and honey nourish and moisturize the lips, while healing any cuts or sores.

Liquid paraffin oil, Coco butter, Petroleum jelly, Bees wax, Butyl hydroxy toluene, Vitamin-E-Acetate, Honey, Roman chamomile

Your lips need to stay soft and smooth throughout your treatment in order to prevent infection and rashes. The oils and butters hydrate and smoothe your chapped lips and enrich them with vitamins and minerals. The Roman Chamomile relieves pain and inflammation, so it soothes and heals the cuts and sores you have. There are no restrictions on when or how many times you can use it, so butter away!

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