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As important as it is to keep your body clean, it is also important to keep your surrounding clean too. From your bed side tables, your working desk, your dining area, your bathroom stands or even the inside of your car. It is important to ensure all these areas are kept hygienic 24/7. The Clap disinfectant is an aqueous liquid made of Vinegar, IPA and a dash of cinnamon oil, all of which help to clean with a simple spray. Simply spray, wipe and leave to dry. Best to keep this handy at all times.

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The vinegar in combination with IPA helps in cleaning any surface as quick as possible. It can be sprayed on wood, glass or metal and can be easily wiped of. It is already pre mixed and does not require any dilution.

Hand wash only, hand dry, drip dry or dry flat Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry

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