When my mother was undergoing her cancer treatment, I saw her go through so many changes: her skin, hair, and most notably her lifestyle, everything had to be changed to support her treatment. Being thrown into that kind of situation is hard, and even harder to adapt to. I created this initiative in order to support all those who are facing the same thing, because nobody is prepared for it.

I've seen so many people, not just my mother, try and cover up the effects of their treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation age your skin, sensitize it, and make it extremely difficult to carry out day-to-day activities without taking precautions; your immunity takes a serious blow and your general demeanour also suffers. While some carry on with pride and confidence and are able to easily combat the several side effects of their treatment, it can be hard for others. In order to help empower and comfort those who needed it, I created C positive.

Our products are designed to ensure that you can comfortably power through your treatment. Focusing on the appointments and sessions is hard enough, we want you to live your life throughout your treatment with the minimal amount of adjustment to your lifestyle. So let us help you and your family tackle some of the symptoms so that you feel ready to power through.