CHG Wipes

Energy levels vary from time to time when you’re undergoing treatment, and there are going to be days where you cannot sit up, let alone take a shower. It is on those days that you may specifically want to ensure your hygiene.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) Cloths/wipes – these look a lot like the regular wet wipes. These wipes have elements that can ensure good hygiene, and are safe to use when you’re battling cancer. There is data to show that port related and central line infections are less, with the use of wipes containing CHG. Like all things, you should run this by your doctor. Though the availability of these wipes can be a bit of work, you could still try the bigger medical stores.

These wipes can be easily put into the microwave so they're warm and soothing to the skin when used. You can use CHG wipes to avoid UTI's as well. They're great for everything. These wipes substitute the sponge bath, they smell good, and are also more hygienic. They're great for kids too - when they get rashes especially. Great must have at all times.