Must-Haves for the workplace

You have a truck load of work at office, you’re hyperventilating about not being able to do things like you used to. It’s a rather common thing. Your work environment isn’t one that is curated to your new needs. It has insanitary places, claustrophobic air, and is generally an area that will leave you prone to infections.

You need to be extremely cautious when heading to work. Your immunity levels aren’t the same, you need to be very careful about the things you do, places you go, and areas you spend most of your time in.

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Dust, pollution, a general unclean environment is everything you need to stay away from. Simple places like your desk, work tables are generally not so hygienic, and that can cause you the unnecessary harm you need to stay away from. If someone’s got a cough or cold - best to avoid being in the same room as them. A small infection can alter the schedule of your complete treatment.

Carry sanitiser, make sure your desk and space is hygienic. Consider getting a few small bottles of sanitiser with a holder that you can attach to your keychain or to your purse. Get into the habit of always using it when you go into conference rooms, use phones or any other shared equipment in the office.

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Don’t enter or stay too long in closed spaces (conference rooms especially) because when you’re undergoing Chemo you cannot be around too many people, open areas are better. You cannot exhaust yourself. It’s best advised to take a 1-2 week gap, so if your Chemo is close, you need to save energy and not work over 7-8 hours. Even if you feel good, don’t push yourself and drain out your energy. It’s always best to inform your colleagues about your treatment and its symptoms, so that they will also be careful about what you’re going through. When you’re at work and are having your lunch, make sure it’s hot (especially if it's not home food). Keep having small meals, water in between & best to avoid sharing it with others.

Some jobs include a lot of travel, but you have to reduce the travel in your work profile. It should be a place where you’re being productive and enjoying because the last thing you need is more stress. Work and your colleagues at this point, is supposed to un-stress the stress. Keep you occupied and happy, taking your mind off chemo and the rest of your treatment.