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Anisha Oberoi

There are a lot of people we know battling cancer, we term them to be ‘survivors’ but meet someone who we’d rather call a fighter. In her late 20’s Anisha was taken aback by the news of her being struck with cancer. With a flight ticket and seat to her dream grad school, her story of how she fought cancer is one that has inspired a lot of people. We spoke to her, and found out what she was actually put through in all that time, and how she deserves that title. Meet Anisha Oberoi, who now has a thriving career in the fashion industry with the world’s largest online retailer. We know there were obvious reactions of shock when...

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Savita Talwar

Let’s see... where do I begin? A little over a year ago, in April 2016, I took the most exciting trip with my best friend to Europe. This was one of our many sojourns and as always we had one of the best times of our life (well we say that for all our trips together). Finally our vacation comes to an end and we go back to our homes. She returns to India and I to the US. Just after a week of getting back from our trip, I get a call from my best friend saying she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Through her anxious voice she said that she hoped I could be with her as...

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