Sonia Boury

Sonia Boury

(08.12.1988 – 16.04.2017)

The eternal sunshine girl, who brought so much happiness and joy to all who came in contact with her.

She was twenty eight years old when her fight with cancer sadly ended. She was a strong, independent individual brought up in a family that encouraged her to voice her opinions and live with empowerment. She loved to talk [hence made a career in communication], meet people, try new cuisines, read books, travel and loved animals. She was madly in love with her family which included her mother, her little brother and her many pets.

Slightly rebellious and hot headed, Sonia’s personality helped her survive the corporate world of Public Relations and Digital Media, and help her deal with cancer and fight it every single day.

Neelam Kamall (Sonia's mother) shares -

Her joy of living defined her. Once she decided she wouldn't let the disease become her life, she showed how she could smile in the face of pain. Years might have been short, but life was huge in her years.

She lived, she loved and she continues to inspire.

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