Running away on the solo trip you’ve always wanted, may not be ‘the’ ideal plan, but why should that stop you from travelling at all? People at home might have a wee bit of a shock when you tell them you want to travel, but they’ll definitely get to understanding that you need it more than you want it. The more you make it seem like Cancer will bind you, the higher the level of stress.

When you’re undergoing chemo, you need to be careful about falling sick (more careful than before). If you have a fever, that definitely isn’t the best time to getaway. Any place with no good healthcare, isn’t safe for you to head to. Travelling is okay, but make sure you’ve spoken with your doctors about the details of it (duration, travel time, climate etc.)

Example: if you're energy levels are low - avoid a place that's too far and involves a long flight. If you're going through radiation, your skin is very sensitive - avoid a place that is too hot and might get you sun burnt.

Somethings can hardly be predicted, so ensure you have support from the doctor that knows your case best, at all times of your trip. In case you have to visit a hospital during your getaway, ensure you have the doctor connect with the hospital back home. Ideally, there should be communication between two hospitals.

Flights are good modes of travel provided your blood counts are ok. Otherwise you need to ensure a medical doctor on board and oxygen facilities. A lot of travelling during this time depends from person to person, and how you’re reacting to your treatment. Your doctor and you have to make sure that you’ve taken the necessary tests and are fit, more than ready, to take on that trip you lined up for yourself. During Chemo even on good days you want to conserve energy for the next session to come, so it’s best if you don’t travel in between sessions. Travelling alone isn’t against the rules, but it won’t make sense if you need someone and nobody is around to help you. So make sure that solo trip plans rests for a while, and short trips becomes your ideal plan.