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Running away on the solo trip you’ve always wanted, may not be ‘the’ ideal plan, but why should that stop you from travelling at all? People at home might have a wee bit of a shock when you tell them you want to travel, but they’ll definitely get to understanding that you need it more than you want it. The more you make it seem like Cancer will bind you, the higher the level of stress. When you’re undergoing chemo, you need to be careful about falling sick (more careful than before). If you have a fever, that definitely isn’t the best time to getaway. Any place with no good healthcare, isn’t safe for you to head to. Travelling is...

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Making the indoor game a fun one!

An extended holiday sounds so relaxing, but you always need to have a plan. Sometimes, going without a plan is good, but when you have no idea on what to do, the thrill of relaxing fades away. When you’re sick, and do not have the slightest energy to head out, but you still want to do something, plan for things indoors. Activities indoors can be a little hard to be the first thing on your mind, but one always finds their way. The time my mother was undergoing her Chemo and radiation, she couldn’t get enough of playing cards with whoever came to visit her. Leaving the mind idle would only make her think more, leading to a lot of...

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