The myth of fatigue

You’re tired and want to stay in bed for all of the 24 hours! You’re exhausted without any activity, and it never goes, that feeling keeps returning. Your body is heavy, and you find it really hard to move. You’re confused with what’s happening, you find it hard to remember things. Your social life is at a standstill and you’re extremely irritated with all that’s happening with you and around you. As someone who is being treated for Cancer, this must be new, and your doctors might have mentioned that something like this may come around.

Now of course, this is a form of fatigue, but it is cancer fatigue. A medical term that you would hear often from your doctors. You may face one or all of these symptoms during the course of your treatment, and you cannot write it off at any point. Chemo, radiation, and surgery, all the treatment involves a lot of chemicals, they tend to leave you tired and very low on energy. But this is not because of a feeling of general fatigue one would experience in their illness. You have to talk to your doctor, and understand to differentiate between the general form and cancer fatigue. The way you deal with it is very different too.

Eating right, exercising (moderately) the muscles, sleeping right, are the key things to do. But unless you realise the symptoms correctly, and noticed that you might have a broken sleep pattern, or that you’re unable to do things like you used to, you won’t be able to tackle cancer fatigue. There are a lot of damaged tissues left in your body - because of the dying cells, and your body uses up all the energy to clean those tissues. At times there maybe a formation of toxic substances in the body, that may leave you with that feeling of fatigue. To distinguish between the two and not neglect them is very essential. Describing your fatigue, talking to your doctor about it, will allow you to manage this better.

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