The Healing Power of Yoga

The healing power of yoga helps both cancer patients and cancer survivors. No matter how sick from treatments and no matter how little energy, many find that the one thing that would bring relief were a gentle set of therapeutic yoga poses geared for cancer patients.

So, where do you start?

Cancer patients and survivors wholly unfamiliar with the practice of yoga should talk with their doctor about programs that may be specific to their condition. An increasing number of cancer centers offer such wellness programs, and yoga instructors are increasingly experienced in working with such patients.

Here are some benefits of opting Restorative yoga poses:

Increase flexibility and range of motion
Strengthen muscles
Reduce stress and create deep relaxation
Improve overall sense of health and well being

A few asanas for cancer patients:

Half Sun Salutation: This yoga posture warms up the body and improves circulation.
Reclining Butterfly Pose : This yoga posture relieves tension in the shoulders and chest. It is particularly effective for breast cancer recovery.
Legs Up The Wall: It helps in rejuvenating your mind while improving circulation.
Cat-Cow Pose: This yoga posture improves flexibility in your back while revitalizing you.
Corpse Pose

These are some effective poses in yoga for cancer patients. These basic poses help tremendously with treatment. Sometimes these restorative yoga poses can work magic on cancer patients.