Taking care of the basics

Oh My God! I’m sorry to hear! That’s sad! Must be hard! If you’re reading this, there is the biggest possibility that you’ve heard this, or someone you know battling with cancer has heard this. But do they have to make it such a big deal? Does it not seem like they make dealing with it far more difficult than it actually is? Of course it’s a shocker, but not one that cannot be handled. Of course it’s traumatic, but not one that cannot be worked around. Battling cancer has its own huge changes, but people in all that chaos forget the essentials.

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is brush and floss. Chemo tends to change this process just a little, so you need to be careful about the little changes that occur. Brushing is a simple thing to do, but you need to do it differently now. Not every person is prone to blisters, and gum infection, but the ones who tend to get them often, must be a little careful. When we get blisters, we tend to use some home remedies, but while going through chemo you need to be mindful of how you deal with it. You have to contact your doctor, on how to deal with blisters. They will recommend solutions that most often than not are prescription based.

In my mother’s case she was lucky to have none of this. But we had our research in place. Using soft toothbrushes is a great idea.  Due to chemo chemicals, different eating habits and loss of taste buds, the blisters that do come are very painful. Mild toothpastes are also available for the benefit of people. It is advised to brush lightly. 

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Would be great to hear your experience on what worked for you and how you managed to go about your morning routine!