Staying fit should be dealt with…

You have your usual dose of fatigue, and you just don’t feel like exercising, that’s all our life story right? People might come flooding with comments about how you, someone dealing with cancer should be even more careful! They might make you feel out of place and do so in the most awkward of ways. The only way you should rather be spending your time is by gathering all the inner peace ‘Kung Fu’ panda preaches about.

Now my statement might have sounded as a joke, but hey, in our defense, we all come to that tipping point at some time in our lives, and think of our inner peace to be lost. You don’t need to go bonkers finding it either. Staying fit can be a tedious task with all the tiredness that Cancer treatment gushes at you, but yoga is a simple process that can create magic. By Yoga we don’t mean go all out and learn to do each ‘aasana’ or meditate heavily for an hour at once.

Take baby steps and you’ll see a better you. During treatment, you’re generally advised initial rest, people tend to skip hearing the initial part, and rest more than usual. Rest is not a bad thing but it can lead to sore muscles. Some simple yoga stretches are ideal to deal with sore muscles and body pain. Keeping your muscles active is imperative to your treatment. This shouldn’t coax you to exert in anyway, because physical exertion during treatment is a no no. simple techniques of a few stretches, and a short period of meditation should keep you fit, active and gain all the inner peace to deal with unnecessary advice.