To Shave Or Not

Being a lady, cancer can be very nasty, you are restricted from waxing being pampered with pedicures and manicures, and basically satisfying your salon needs. But why does that have to stop anything that you want to do? Carrying that feel good factor with you is something you should always look for.

A lot of salons tend to miss out on basic hygiene. During Chemo and radiation, your cells stop growing, which makes it very difficult for skin to heal. Unclean surroundings, or wax that’s not safe, can cause infections, or even cuts on your skin that will put you through pain, more than what you already are been dealing with. With everything now at our beck and call, you can now even be pampered at home. Going to a salon, and falling prey to infections is painful and will be tiring for you.

A close friend of mine had these very issues, but there were simple ways to strive ‘towards happier living’ - if you cannot go to the salon, bring the salon home and feel pampered. Use your own utensils, lotions and cosmetics, & get them pedicures done. Of she was cautious with her nails, because those tend to hurt when they are cut at such a weak stage, but a light foot massage, and manicure made her feel so good. In the salon’s you aren’t sure if the utensils are cleaned thoroughly or if someone around is sick etc. Being comfortable when you get anything done, is mandatory. Where you’re getting these kinds of things done - 'who' is doing it becomes essential too.

When it comes to waxing and salon needs, sensitivity is at its peak. An alternative would be a clipper for men and an epilator for women.

It saves the cuts, and the dogma of having someone come too close to your face when threading or shaving. Needs like these never end, but nothing should stop you from making the better of it to your advantage.

Would be great to hear the different alternatives that worked for you.