Loss of hair doesn’t mean loss of care

The one thing people always tell someone battling cancer is ‘you’re going to lose hair, be prepared’,  problem is, they never tell you, take care of your scalp, because the hair does grow back! Holding on to negative thoughts and perceptions is the one thing most people do. But we’d say don’t! Yes, we agree, one does lose hair, maybe in shreds, maybe all of it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to care for your scalp anymore.

The minute your body has malignant cancer cells, it brings on itself a whole dose of sensitivity. You’re entire body is sensitive to burns, infections and germs. But you also need to realize that your bare scalp also is super sensitive, and requires a lot of care.

When someone gives up their hair, they don’t stop caring for their scalp, not because they know hair will grow back, which it does in your case too, but generally caring for the scalp with or without the hair is the normal thing to do. The process of hair growing back is a whole lot more slower, but it DOES HAPPEN. Using basic care products like scalp oil, aloe gel keep it hydrated and more than anything, it helps keep it cool. Dry skin is a pain to deal with, and you do not want to add that pain on your already long list. Keeping your scalp cool will also allow you to think better, and not letting it stay exposed to direct heat can save you a lot of dry skin and trouble. Aloe gel in specific soothes the skin and gives it nourishment too.