Keep your natural glow

Just a few weeks post commencing Chemo treatment, your skin is sure to get affected. Depending on how sensitive it is and how you are taking it in – Cannula or the magical port, your skin changes colour and the softness begins to fade. The chemicals take a real toll on it.

For my mom – her feet and cheeks were most affected. None of these changes can be avoided, but it’s important to know that it is ONLY temporary. Once you’re done with Chemo, it comes back to normal. The time however is not fixed – could take from a couple months to sometimes a whole year.

Then there is Radiation – this also has its effects on the skin – it sometimes gets slightly burnt and overly sensitive to the sun because of the treatment. Especially when the treatment is in sensitive areas. Again – it is just temporary.

All these changes tend to make a difference to your appearance, but there is no need to let it bog you down, in fact – this gives you another reason to actually pamper yourself a little.

My mom got plenty mild massages all through the day for her hands and feet, keeping her skin well hydrated and supple, and of course – it feels great! As for her cheeks, she used a mild pinkish blush to cover up the dark patches. The easy thing about giving a massage to someone undergoing treatment, is that you barely have to apply any pressure since their muscles are so sensitive.

It’s best to use creams that are mild and off thicker consistency, that way they stay for longer and don’t affect the skin. A couple that worked well are -

Note – don’t be fooled by fancy fragrant creams. Go for fragrance free, one is sensitive to strong fragrances. And the stronger the fragrance only means it has more chemicals in it. Go for what is simple and easy on the senses. The fragrance free moisturisers are expensive and generally not easily available, but definitely work better than the ones with strong perfume.

Buy fragrance free moisturiser

Skin also becomes dry while bathing, so use mild body washes and keep the moisturiser coming. It’s a great time to get pampered rather than see it as a drawback.

You’d get tempted to itching and scratching, but try to avoid this. The scabs don’t heal and stay for long, another instance where using a good moisturiser helps a great deal.

  • You could even work out a nice daily routine for yourself to take good care of your skin and ensure your mind is at peace too!
  • Wash your face– once in the morning and once at night
  • Use a mild body wash or soap for your bath. Body wash is easier to use than soap at this point.
  • Set aside some time to moisturise your skin – from head to toe.
  • As part of your evening nap – ask someone to give you a good foot and hand massage. Helps with your sleep as well.
  • If stepping out – replace the moisturiser with a Sun block (especially if you are going through radiation)

Would be happy to hear what products worked well for you in maintaining skin while undergoing Cancer treatment.