Art on your skin? Definitely not…

Have all the fun you want, do the things you’ve never done, or always wanted to do’. One would be used to hearing this very often. Most times in their mid-twenties. When you’re diagnosed with an illness, these lines waver a bit.

This might seem like something that probably would never come to your mind, but there are a few cases where people have considered – getting a tattoo. The first thing with tattoos are that they aren’t the most hygienic, and the scabs that they cause won’t heal at all. The dead skin that the tattoo creates around itself after a few days, won’t peal off and will lead to scars on your body. There is a literal 95% chance of you being infected. In all that trauma of your Cancer treatment, you would hardly want the pain of another infection. You can come up with better ways to liberate that ‘wildness’ in you.

But the fact about Cancer is, when under treatment, one needs to be extremely cautious and careful! No matter what anyone motivates you to do, the last thing on your bucket list should be to involve any form of needles piercing into your skin. Tattoos are a once in a lifetime thing, but once treatment starts, you cannot get a tattoo done. From the time you start chemo, till the end of your complete treatment, your skin becomes extremely sensitive, and you have to take all the best measures to make sure you’re careful with skincare. Best to be cautious when taking decisions like these.