Adapt to remain stylish

Not every story starts with a Once upon a time, but you can make it end with a Happily ever after. In the middle of 2016, I was taken by surprise when my mother suddenly walked out of my room, clad in my clothes. She had lost so much weight that she now found it easier to wear my cotton shirts and pants.

As normal as it is, it did worry us - my ever so stylish mother wanted to be clad in something she was comfortable in, easy to wear without compromising on what her made her look and feel great! Through Chemo, the skin becomes very sensitive and is prone to scars and rashes easily. If your using Cannula, then the sensitivity on the hands is heightened as well. My mother avoided Cannula and stuck to the chemo port, because of which it was hard to keep lifting her hands for a change on every visit to the hospital.

She stuck to light-weight clothing that can be easily washed. What she found essential for her comfort were button down shirts, and cotton clothing.

In the cold, she avoided prickly sweaters, she would wear a thin inner cotton layer, and an open sweater on that to avoid the scars or discomfort from rough clothing.

Kimonos are a great pick for small family outings. From my personal experience I noticed that palazzo’s, tie up pants, stretch leggings worked well – easy to put on and easy to take off.

It was fun to watch her shine and look so much more beautiful than I would in my own clothes. Going shopping for her, buying a different size since she had lost so much weight, and of course returning clothing that she openly disapproved of, all made for great memories. Which daughter gets the chance to shop for her Diva mother ever so often? I was lucky and it left with me a lingering smile, that have made the best memories in this one year for me.