Soup-er way to stay healthy

During Chemo, eating can be tough, but you must do it. The source of all the energy in the body, especially at this time, is going to be driven out of the food you eat. It’s absolutely understandable that it won't be easy to eat everything. A good and easy alternative is to have soups!

There are going to be days where you don’t have too much of an appetite, and that’s okay, because that’s when we get out the soup for you. You can always have it alongside some toast and eggs to add flavor, or put together rice and lentil to make it a lot more filling. Just make sure that it’s all piping hot and fresh (no room for germs).

Here is a recipe of a soup that you could try. It worked very well for my mom almost every day and was wholesome as well, she would have it out of a glass – easy to hold and easy to sip on! It was her substitute to the good old ABC.

Remember, it is important to keep yourself well-nourished against the odds – nausea, lack of appetite and lack of taste. So even if not for soup, you know yourself best; pick anything that you feel will go down well and is healthy. This will help in getting your energy levels back up and ready for the next round of chemo.