My new religion!

It’s been two weeks since I went through the last part of my radiation. I can barely swallow water, and I cringe when I know it’s time for my medication. But my new religion came to the rescue.

Dad walks into the room every night, pestering me to take the meds, but of course I bargain to check if I can take them next month. But he says the calcium and multi vitamins need to go in now. Well, it’s hard to show them my pain, because that makes things hard for them too. Until one night I was in tears, saying ‘I cannot do this longer’ and my mother in law very simply suggested for me to try some honey. As absurd as it sounded to me, for how thick honey usually is, it only seemed more painful, but I did try it anyway. I haven’t experienced anything more magical than the feel honey gave me. It was so smooth, and it just slid down my throat. I eventually began coating my pills with honey, and those big calcium tablets now just slide down. It was a revolutionary feeling for me. I couldn’t wait to tell the world about the magic of honey. It gave me so much ease after such a long period of pain.

Radiation on the neck and the chest is one of the hardest things, and one common issue with it is that you need to literally take a deep breath, prepare yourself and then drink water. Honey luckily reduced all the pain and smoothly went down my throat. I ensured to have it around me at all times when I ate. Especially when I wanted to take my medication. I’ve kept myself on a diet that has very soft food items, cold food, smooth products like honey to help the swallowing get easier. During Chemo the doctors recommended hot food, but through radiation, cold and soft food worked best. Straws have become friends with me after my childhood again. I drink water though it, since it allows bare minimum amounts of water to enter, which gives me so much relief.

I can almost start a new religion – HONEY – it seemed God sent after being uncomfortable and in pain for so long. The viscosity has the magic in it, for honey felt better than water. The thicker the honey, the better it is. Make sure to try it when you find the need for it. it will serve you well!

- Archana Prasanna Kumar (Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Stage 2B)