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My new religion!

It’s been two weeks since I went through the last part of my radiation. I can barely swallow water, and I cringe when I know it’s time for my medication. But my new religion came to the rescue. Dad walks into the room every night, pestering me to take the meds, but of course I bargain to check if I can take them next month. But he says the calcium and multi vitamins need to go in now. Well, it’s hard to show them my pain, because that makes things hard for them too. Until one night I was in tears, saying ‘I cannot do this longer’ and my mother in law very simply suggested for me to try some...

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Cheat days!… with bounds

Why should anything stop you from enjoying yourself? Have your own set of cheat days, convince your mind and splurge at times on some wine or any other drink, just make sure your cocktails don’t have anything raw in it (just one glass on your good day), permission from your doctor is mandated for sure, and try and make sure you have plenty of protein intake. You can replace lentil with chicken for a better source of protein. A little note for vegetarians - My mom was a pure vegetarian, but her doctor recommended meat (mutton & beef too, she stopped at mutton) as the best source of protein so she would have meat broths whenever possible and even enjoyed...

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Soup-er way to stay healthy

During Chemo, eating can be tough, but you must do it. The source of all the energy in the body, especially at this time, is going to be driven out of the food you eat. It’s absolutely understandable that it won't be easy to eat everything. A good and easy alternative is to have soups! There are going to be days where you don’t have too much of an appetite, and that’s okay, because that’s when we get out the soup for you. You can always have it alongside some toast and eggs to add flavor, or put together rice and lentil to make it a lot more filling. Just make sure that it’s all piping hot and fresh (no...

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