Keeping up with social life

To most of us, we sort of feel obliged to visit people when they’re sick. But it’s only when we’re sick, we realise how much we want to sleep, and maybe not see anyone. Not because we don’t feel like, but rather because it really isn’t safe. Chemo and Radiation tend to drain out your energy, and doctors advise you not to get out too much. And while you’re indoors, you do find the need for a social life, but it’s best kept minimal.

Having too many people at home is chaotic, & risky. Close proximity with anyone is best avoided, so avoid the occasional hug. You’re immunity isn’t as good as it once was, and hence you’re easily prone to infections. Children play and pick up germs easily, and they aren’t mindful about their hygiene, so you need to be mindful of them being around too. Try and restrict it to 2-3 people at one point, and don’t feel bad about saying no - those who care will understand and support you.

Hygiene is extremely important. Never allow people in the place where you spend most of your day in. That place needs to be cleaned often, and even kept sanitised at all times. Meet them in the living room, but never inside your own  bedroom. Make sure there isn’t a crowd, any chance of you feeling claustrophobic needs to be avoided. Making people sanitise their hands when they come to see you, should be routine. They do so when they go to meet newborn’s too.

You also need to keep a check about what people are bringing for you, my mother was never comfortable with flowers because of its pollen, and a lot of things are best when kept far away. It's easy to pass time with people around and it's great to have company - just be cautious about where and how!