Divinity with a positive outlook

People lay a lot of emphasis on what’s bound to happen - will, and have that hope in divinity. The power of the divine, and the belief system one carries tend to play a heavy role in times that one has a medical condition. Cancer is one of the most common, and yet a condition that scares us. People tend to put in double the faith. Visits to the shrines or places of religious power become customary.

It’s always a good thing to seek the blessings of the almighty, and sometimes just the serendipity that places exhibits can make you feel tranquil. That special early morning visit, before the place is too crowded, gives a special air of tranquility. Such places with all that power, tend to take your mind off so many things, and make you feel at ease. They might not cure you of cancer, and save you from the countless Chemo side effects, but are sure to leave you at peace.

When undergoing Chemo and you've been warned to stay away from crowded spaces, an early morning visit to your place of worship might be a better option.

You barely need to worry about the place being sanitised, and a blessing in such case becomes something you always look for. While there lay a restriction on so many things you do, it’s smart to find a way to go around it and never put a hold to it.

Be wary of prasad given from one hand to another, instead opt for fruit as a blessing - you can take home, wash and then eat it. Check with your doctor on what suits your body. There are many ways to keep hygienic, depending on how you approach it. One would generally think twice when someone asks you to blindly go and do something or without logic believe in rituals, but when at a weak point in life - one would be more susceptible. There is no right or wrong, what is important is that you take the positive approach, make your heart feel lighter, leave yourself with the bliss of divine solitude.