Be careful when you party!

Personally I have never seen cancer to stop anyone from living and having a good time.

Call it an expedition or half a scare, but this one night sure left me thinking. My friend and I went out for dinner on a good day through her chemo treatment. She felt great that day and her appetite was it its best, so we decided to indulge. We ended up having some wine (a lot of it). A long way into the night, some great food and a couple of glasses of wine (an 8 course meal paired with wine to be precise), and it all seemed perfect, until; the next day morning my friend woke up hungover. She then realised that she had her CT scan that morning. She called me, and that moment made me panic. I was too anxious thinking of what could go wrong. She researched a little, and to our luck - found out that, having alcohol before the CT scan isn’t harmful. All you need to do is stay clear of anything 4 hours prior to the scan. Having read that we were jumping with joy.

I remember from my mother’s time, we were told to be sure that though one feels amazing a day before Chemo, and you feel that you can drink, it’s best not to. You feel the best a day before Chemo, and that’s the day when you’re likely to make impulsive  decisions, but don’t. What left me thinking was how my friend had fun and how much she loved going out that night. She knew she was weak especially because of not being used to consuming alcohol; the tolerance you once had isn’t the same. But it was surely an experience that we will remember. Had we been responsible - we should've had one glass of wine and stopped at that, which I hear is ok to do from time to time.

However, it’s great to have the positive attitude and always progress Towards Happier Living.

P.S. - Don’t consume alcoholic beverages during radiation (most radiotherapy affects the throat making it ultra sensitive), your throat is probably already dry and hurting, so best to wait till a week (at least - best to check with your Doctor) post the last radiation.