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Keeping up with social life

To most of us, we sort of feel obliged to visit people when they’re sick. But it’s only when we’re sick, we realise how much we want to sleep, and maybe not see anyone. Not because we don’t feel like, but rather because it really isn’t safe. Chemo and Radiation tend to drain out your energy, and doctors advise you not to get out too much. And while you’re indoors, you do find the need for a social life, but it’s best kept minimal. Having too many people at home is chaotic, & risky. Close proximity with anyone is best avoided, so avoid the occasional hug. You’re immunity isn’t as good as it once was, and hence you’re easily prone...

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Be careful when you party!

Personally I have never seen cancer to stop anyone from living and having a good time. Call it an expedition or half a scare, but this one night sure left me thinking. My friend and I went out for dinner on a good day through her chemo treatment. She felt great that day and her appetite was it its best, so we decided to indulge. We ended up having some wine (a lot of it). A long way into the night, some great food and a couple of glasses of wine (an 8 course meal paired with wine to be precise), and it all seemed perfect, until; the next day morning my friend woke up hungover. She then realised that...

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Divinity with a positive outlook

People lay a lot of emphasis on what’s bound to happen - will, and have that hope in divinity. The power of the divine, and the belief system one carries tend to play a heavy role in times that one has a medical condition. Cancer is one of the most common, and yet a condition that scares us. People tend to put in double the faith. Visits to the shrines or places of religious power become customary. It’s always a good thing to seek the blessings of the almighty, and sometimes just the serendipity that places exhibits can make you feel tranquil. That special early morning visit, before the place is too crowded, gives a special air of tranquility. Such...

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