Sleep pattern in kids

We can sleep through the day, and still adjust our body clocks for the night’s rest. The balance we create for ourselves, somewhere comes with age and time. Kids don’t have that sort of balance in them. They cannot always maintain the day and night rhythm. While undergoing treatment, the kids feel weak and very tired and would want to sleep all day. But because they do not have that balance set in their body, they might end up sleeping all day, and stay up all night. Which makes it worse for them.

Make sure you to give attention to this sleep routine. Keep them very busy with some activities in the day. Even while you’re talking to them, if you see them doze off, just keep waking them out of their sleep. Staying up all night might lead them to watch a lot of TV because there isn’t anything else to do in the night. While if you can keep them up in the day, they can have that little play time with their friends, or be entertained with some craft work. Till they gather the sense to keep track of their day and night cycle, monitoring them on these small levels would become necessary.