Never stop Parenting!

Children who are diagnosed with cancer at a young age, can find it very hard to understand how to deal with it, and most often than not - it is just has hard for the parent. There are times when parents do not give in to the child’s cravings and go with what suits them best. While some parents stop parenting completely and allow their child to do anything they like because they just want to see them happy.

There is a soft corner because of all the pain involved through the treatment, but this shouldn’t lead the parents to stop disciplining their child. An Oncologist recently narrated a story where they become the parents for the child. When the parents start letting go, the doctors notice how the child is getting spoilt. The issue with giving in now is, once the child has recovered, disciplining then will be a mammoth task. The child will not adhere to anything said to him/her because they are now acquainted to a different style of parenting.

Never stop parenting because of chemo. The child should be disciplined, once the child recovers you would not have planned for a misbehaving child and that will be yet another problem to tackle. The parents should continue parenting and discipline, and as much as they want to give in, it would be good to refrain from time to time. Your child is used to a 'no' every now and then, and that should continue as is.

It’s never a bad idea to have help in this aspect as well. Be it from someone with your own circle of family and friends or even consulting a professional in seeking advice. In the long run, this will pay of.