Never a no to kids for pets

As kids, growing up with pets is something we all have wanted at some point. And when we have our own kids, we know the rant in the house will start at some point in time. And it’s okay. Getting a pet at home, even though cancer, is not such a bad idea. They will want some sort of happiness to tag along with them, and want some noise in the house.

From our conversation with a few people and Oncologists - dogs are the safest pets, of course only once they are vaccinated and are clean. They tend to adjust to house surroundings better than others, and understand the needs of people around too. If you train them well, they won’t lick you, or jump on your bed. One has got to maintain the rule of which areas your dog is allowed in the house because you will need a hygienic surrounding - with no fallen fur, or contaminated floors because of the dog walking all over the place.

Cats (as they say) become extremely difficult to manage. They're silent compared to dogs, and are super tough to handle. Cats move all over the place and climb on shelves without making any noise, so it becomes very hard to monitor them. Other pets people have considered – iguanas, spiders & birds are a definite NO. So if you do go ahead with welcoming a dog into your home, try and make sure they aren’t teething, so that them biting your child won't leave scars (scars or even small cuts and bruises won't heal easily when undergoing chemotherapy).

One can hardly say no to children when they want a pet, especially at a time like this - just make the right choices when going about it.