Don’t always say no to Maggie, and yes to khichadi

Kids demanding for Maggie (and other junk food along the same lines) could make you worry. Children undergoing treatment, want to eat Maggie, and we’re saying okay?  Now I know as parents you’re only doing your duty when holding them back from their cravings. You do not want to feed your kids anything and everything, and hence play safe with the khichadi/simple broths etc. But can we be honest? How much of it can we ourselves eat the same thing, before we get sick of it and demand for something as tasty as Maggie?

Khichadi is evidently really good for health, is even easy to make, and it sounds like the ideal option.

Maggie is easy to cook, may not have all the nutrients, but that doesn’t mean it will be bad, and can be the 'once in a while' option. An oncologist mentioned to me, how Maggie is in fact a fully cooked meal. It’s completely cooked, in boiling water, so it is hygienic too.

When kids are diagnosed with cancer, they are prone to put on weight in the first month. The high steroids cause the difference in the weight, but it is important to know that all the weight will eventually go. There is high nausea during chemo in adults, but kids don’t have as much nausea, because they don’t think as much, and unlike the adults there isn’t too much stress in their minds. So they tend to put on a little weight in the beginning. Parents looking at this won’t give them things that they crave for - ready to eat noodles being a common one.  Speak to the oncologist and let them have their fair share of Maggie and be rid of some khichadi from time to time.