Stylishly stitched to keep your scalp safe!

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Our Concept

Our Concept
Cancer treatment is hard. The changes you have to make and go through are innumerable, and there’s no shortcut. The symptoms can get overwhelming, you'll see changes in your skin, hair, and most importantly your lifestyle. There are however symptoms you can be prepared for. Our products are tailored to fit your needs - fragrance free personal care to avoid excess nausea, sanitisers with zero alcohol to avoid dryness in skin, ready-to-wear scarves that are easy on both - your scalp and the eyes. Let us help you, so you can comfortably focus on getting better and walk ahead
Towards Happier Living !

Nursery Signs

Most parents are clueless about the symptoms of Cancer, not knowing that early detection is vital to prevention. Which is why Nursery Signs exists, a series of re-written nursery rhymes designed to educate adults and children about the basic symptoms of childhood cancer.